Sonja de Boer has a multidisciplinary background in illustration and design. Over the past ten years she has worked in Amsterdam/Eindhoven (NL), Cambridge (US) and Tokyo (JP). In this period she has developed her personal Sonnebon style, while mainly working as an independent illustrator and enjoying working in a variety of industries.

Most recently she has finished her ‘Sense of Place & Belonging’ research & illustration project at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the field of information design.

Before the Design Academy she worked in the High-Low Tech group at the MIT Media Lab where she designed and illustrated the ‘Sew Electric’ book, aimed at enabling children to build and integrate Lilypad-Arduino electronics into textiles.

In Tokyo she worked as an independent illustrator and created artworks for advertisement agencies, clothing brands, interior architects, magazines and digital platforms.

Earlier on she worked as a textile-print designer for the famous children’s apparel brand Oilily. In 2003 she started her career as the interior and fashion editor of the largest woman’s weekly magazine in The Netherlands, Libelle, which skilled her in managing large projects with tight deadlines.

Sonja holds a MA from the Design Academy Eindhoven, and a BA from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) with a specialisation in multifunctional apparel design.

MIT Media Lab - 2013
Tokyo Exhibition - 2010